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Where can I get a sample?

Set colour samples can be acquired by clicking here.

*Please note; as you are viewing our colour samples online, the colour you receive in real life may differ. We recommend that before you purchase a splashback with us you acquire a sample first to avoid any disappointment with the colour choice you have made.


How long will it take for my order to arrive and what are your delivery costs?

Our delivery policy can be viewed here.


What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy can be viewed here

Acrylic Splashbacks

How is best to clean acrylic panels?

Acrylic is very simple to care for, for the best finish, use warm water and soap to clean with a soft cloth, then rinse off and leave to dry.

We highly recommend that you don’t use the following as they may damage the surface of the acrylic or make it cloudy:

  • Window cleaners
  • Methylated Spirits
  • Kitchen scouring compounds
  • Products containing ammonia
  • Products containing ketones or halogens
  • Aromatics and solvents including; thinners, acetone, gasoline, turpentine, white spirit, tetrachloride and benzene.

In addition to this, scouring pads or other abrasive materials should never be used to clean your acrylic sheet for the same reasons.

What’s the best way to fit an acrylic splashback?

We recommend that you fit your acrylic splashback using solvent-free silicone, and you can find everything you need for fitting your splashback via this method in our fixing kit which can be found here.

Can I put an acrylic splashback behind the hob?

You cannot use an acrylic splashbacks directly behind a hob as temperatures of over 60°C will affect acrylic. To make sure you get the best possible look for your kitchen, we offer glass splashbacks, these are easily fitted behind the hob and can be printed with the same colour as you have chosen for your splashback. Alternatively we also offer a sheet of toughened glass that can be placed in front of your acrylic splashback to protect it from the heat.

What fire rating do acrylic splashbacks have?

They have a UK Class 3 fire rating, this means that they are highly recommended for use in schools and hospitals.

Can I fit my acrylic splashback to any surface?

Because our range of acrylic splashbacks are produced using some of the best acrylic sheets from around the world our sheets are extremely easy to put to the wall and are easily attached to almost any surface.

Glass Splashbacks

What is the best way to clean glass?

We recommend cleaning glass in a similar way to acrylic. The surface of glass is tougher than acrylic so more abrasive cleaners can be used if required.

What’s the best way to fit a glass splashback?

Glass splashbacks can be fitted using the same method as acrylic, and we recommend that you fix it to the wall using solvent-free silicone, our fixing kit filled with everything you need can be found here.


Do you measure and fit for splashbacks?

We do not currently measure and fit our splashbacks.

Do glass and acrylic match in colour?

Glass and acrylic both have excellent optical clarity, but there may be a very slight difference in the tint of the materials so we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

Post By Laura Nugent