Neutral Illuminated Splashback Samples


Neutral Illuminated Splashback Samples

Luxurious Illuminated Neutral Collection. Elevate your kitchen with a sophisticated neutral glow. Be in control with our dimmer switch and adapt the intensity to suit your home and mood. Including soft beiges, deep and pastel blues, pink, purple and soft green shades.

Our Neutral Illuminated Splashback Samples and Templates have been designed to ensure our customers have a stress free journey when deciding upon the splashback of their dreams. 

Our clever sample box features an illuminated panel so when you order the colour of your choice you can see the different shades for yourself at home.

When you are redesigning a space or buying anything online, samples are key to ensure that the colour you have fallen in love with online, is the same colour when you place it in your space. As it is such a crucial step in the process, we refund sample costs when you purchase your splashback. So, it is a no brainer! If you order a selection of different colours and find the one you want, we’ll refund all of the samples you have ordered against your final order. Please note that refunds can only be completed if you have created an account in the checkout process of the samples.  


  • Dimmable​
  • Easy DIY installed ​
  • Customisable wiring outlet placements ​
  • 10mm overall thickness ​
  • High-quality Anti-glare finish ​
  • Three standard colour trims​
  • Variety of quality colours – More on request​
  • Easy clean ​
  • Low running costs ​
  • Max sizes per sheet are 2400mm x 1200mm​
  • Socket cut-out with no light loss across panel