Jungle collection

Want to stand out? The Jungle Collection provides eye-catching colours and exotic designs which elevate any space. This collection brings the outside in with palm trees, wild animals and tropical leaves as key focal points. Be bold and brave – add life into your space with one of our eye-catching Jungle patterned Splashbacks. 

FLORAL Collection

Meet our decadent and elegant Discounted Floral Collection. This collection exudes atmosphere and mood with retro and timeless designs.

geometric collection

Add a contemporary touch to your space with our Geometric splashbacks. Our collections are collated by splashback and design experts to give your home the quality it deserves.

Landscape & Seascape collection

The Landscape & Seascape Collection celebrates the beauty of the world from sunrise to sunset – no matter the season. Inspirational and euphoric epitomise this collection, as a result, it encourages us to take a moment to appreciate our surroundings.

Printed Tile Collection

Want to achieve a tiled aesthetic without the hassle of maintenance? Our Printed Tile Collection is the perfect option for you.

Maps Collection

The Map Collection features famous city street maps and iconic landmark renditions in monochrome and colour.