Samples & Templates

We always recommend ordering a sample before ordering your splashback to ensure you have chosen the perfect colour for your space.  The sample of your final splashback choice will also be refunded. 

Our Splashback Templates Service has been designed so you can rest with ease knowing your splashback will be delivered in the perfect size for your space.

Splashback Samples and Templates

Our Splashback Samples and Templates have been designed to ensure our customers have a stress free journey when deciding upon the splashback of their dreams.

Our samples have been designed and tailored to highlight our high-quality products to help you find your dream splashback. When you are redesigning a space or buying anything online, samples are key to ensure that the colour you have fallen in love with online, is the same colour when you place it in your space. As it is such a crucial process in your splashback journey, we will refund the cost of the sample that collates to your final splashback orderSo, it is a no brainer!  Please note that refunds can only be completed if you have created an account in the checkout process.  

Our Splashback Template Service has been designed so you can rest with ease knowing your splashback will arrive the perfect size for your space. First, order your specialist paper splashback template with your exact splashback dimensions. After receiving your template, placit into your desired location so you can then confirm to us that it is a perfect size. Finally, after you have confirmed that your template is the correct dimensions, we will create and ship your dream splashback. 

Key Features: 

  • Quality products
  • Stress-free process
  • Bespoke service
  • Designed by Splashback Specialists
  • Sample price is refunded on Splashback Purchase
  • Ensures you get the perfect fit first time
  • Fit your dream splashback without paying for a professional