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Our premium range of aluminium composite splashbacks bring an outstanding focal point to any space.

With over 25 years of working with acrylic, we have designed a unique collection of acrylic splashbacks not just for practicality but to also bring a quality finish to your space.

If you’re looking for a smaller splashback to go behind a specific hob, our glass splashbacks are the perfect solution.

Our PVC panels are highly versatile and suitable for many spaces including shower rooms and kitchen splashbacks.

Shop by Material

Here at Custom Splashbacks, our Shop by Material function contains a  variety of different splashback materials perfect for your space. This ensures our customers are not only getting what they aesthetically desire but also what is practical for their space.

Acrylic Splashbacks

Our Acrylic Splashbacks have been engineered by splashback experts to ensure your splashback is not only beautiful but also practical. They are easy to install, easy to clean, suitable for use in a variety of spaces and available in an extensive range of beautiful colours, designs and surface finishes.

Aluminium Composite Splashbacks

Our Aluminium Composite splashbacks are highly durable, beautiful and easy to fit. This category contains our copper splashback, AluSplash splashbacks and our Embossed Tile panelling. Above all, perfect for creating a stunning cost-effective finish.

PVC Splashbacks 

Want a classically sleek finish? Look no further, our PVC splashbacks are for you. They have been hand-selected by Splashback and Design Experts to give your home the quality it deserves without the price of real marble. Made from Strong 4mm solid PVC which provides both strength and durability. Our PVC panels are suitable to be used as splashbacks, wall panelling and in showers.

Glass Splashbacks 

Our Collection of Glass Splashbacks has been collated by colour experts to give your home the quality it deserves. They are made with toughened glass to create a durable and sleek finish. Due to the toughened glass used, they can be placed directly behind hobs and other heat sources. As a result, They make a perfect partner to an acrylic splashback. 

Perfect For

  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Bathroom Splashbacks
  • Shower panels (PVC)
  • Backsplashes
  • Statement pieces
  • Cost-effective waterproof panelling