Top 10 Home Upgrades To Help When Selling Your Home

Whether you are thinking about selling your UK home or looking to prepare a rental property for sale, there are optimising factors that can increase the value and appeal to potential buyers that must be considered. Here are our top ten affordable home upgrade tips to consider so you can increase your profits and prepare for a profitable sale:

1. Declutter and Depersonalize:

Remove personal items and clutter to make your home feel more spacious and allow potential buyers to envision themselves living there. This is a good time to adopt KonMari Method™; only keep the items that bring you joy.

2. Fresh Paint:

A fresh coat of paint in neutral colours can make a big difference in improving the overall appearance of your home. Try to avoid using statement colours which can sometimes prevent potential buyers from picturing themselves living in the space. If you already have neutral shades, a fresh coat of paint can give a clean finish.

3. Curb Appeal:

First impressions matter. Ensure your front garden and entrance are well-maintained and inviting.

  • Clean your windows inside and out to make them shine.
  • Repair or replace damaged shutters, and consider repainting them to match the exterior.
  • Update your mailbox and house numbers for a modern, cohesive look.
  • Paint or stain your front door in an appealing colour.
  • Replace or update the door hardware, including the doorknob and knocker.
  • Consider adding a decorative wreath or welcome mat.
  • Ensure the entryway is well-lit with attractive outdoor lighting fixtures.

4. Kitchen Updates:

You don’t need a full kitchen renovation. Simple updates like new cabinet hardware, fresh paint, or replacing old appliances can make a big impact. A great way to give your kitchen a fresh finish is adding a new kitchen splashback. Adding a simple neutral shaded splashback behind your sink, cooker or all around your kitchen work surfaces not only improves the functionality of your kitchen but also enhances its appearance and makes it more appealing, practical, and easier to maintain which will appeal to potential buyers. We offer a wide range of splashbacks that arrive ready to simply stick on the wall. You can shop our full range using the link below.

5. Bathroom Improvements:

Fix any leaks, replace old fixtures, and add new towels and a shower curtain to freshen up the space. When you have potential buyers coming over or estate agents visiting to take photos, ensure that you have fresh white towels and, although it may seem obvious, ensure that your bathroom smells fresh and mold-free; this can be very impactful.

6. Flooring:

If your flooring is in poor condition, consider affordable options like laminate, vinyl, or simply deep cleaning and repairing. If you don’t have a large budget or time to replace a floor, stick-on tiles are a good solution for staging in bathrooms or kitchens to give a fresh finish. These can be easily DIY installed and cut to the shape of your space using a Stanley knife.

7. Lighting:

Upgrade lighting fixtures to make your home feel brighter and more welcoming. If you are taking viewings during winter periods it is important to think about lighting, especially if potential buyers are visiting during the evening. Ensure your entrance and hallways are well-lit to not create a gloomy appearance. If you don’t have enough light fixtures consider using more cost-effective rechargeable lighting options. These are especially good for outdoor areas, such as lighting up pathways. Top Tip: Try and schedule property photos and viewings on sunny days so there is as much natural light as possible.

8. Energy Efficiency:

Adding energy-efficient features, such as LED lighting or a smart thermostat, can be attractive to buyers concerned about utility costs. Leave this somewhere visible like a kitchen counter etc so potential buyers can easily view it.

9. Home Staging:

Properly stage your home to showcase its best features and make it feel inviting. If your property is empty, it can be very difficult for potential buyers to picture their furniture in the space. You only need the basics and some home accessories to complete a staging. You can use a blowup bed with fresh white sheets to stage a bedroom. It may seem extreme but adding a small sofa, side table & rug can make a big difference in staging.

10. Maintenance:

Ensure that everything is in good working order. Fix any minor issues, like leaky faucets or squeaky doors, to give buyers confidence in the condition of your home. Ensuring that your garden is also neat and tidy, shrubs trimmed, grass mowed, and patios or decking areas pressure washed, represents that your home has been looked after and maintained to a high standard.

Remember that the key is to make improvements that offer a good return on investment and appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. It’s also a good idea to consult with a local real estate agent to get advice tailored to your specific market and property.

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In this blog you will Find:

Top tips to help you sell your UK home

  1. Declutter & Depersonalise 
  2. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint
  3. Curb Appeal
  4. Kitchen Updates – Add a new splashback & Paint Cupboards
  5. Bathroom Improvements 
  6. Updating Flooring -Apply stick on tiles over tiered flooring 
  7. Lighting Updates to brighten your home
  8. Energy Efficiency – Change bulbs to LEDs
  9. Don’t have an empty home – Stage furniture
  10. Fix any minor Issues & ensure your garden is neat and tidy

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