Textured Splashbacks

Textured Splashbacks

Textured Splashbacks

Our Textured  Splashbacks Collections are designed to give our customers a variety of popular finishes to create dream spaces. Above all, you can achieve a premium look without paying for a professional.

Tile Effect Splashbacks

The Tile Effect Collection is an affordable alternative to tiling your space. You can achieve timeless elegance without the hassle and price of real tiles. Lightweight, waterproof with a high-quality finish. Available in high gloss white, grey and black. So, find your dream splashback today.

Marble Effect Splashbacks

Our Marble Effect Splashbacks offer contemporary styling to your home. Above all, this collection is the perfect solution for a premium finish without the price of real marble. Most importantly, they are designed for ultimate versatility. They can be used as bathroom splashbacks, kitchen splashbacks, wet room panels and shower panels. 

Matt Effect Splashbacks

Our Matt Acrylic Splashbacks are designed by splashback experts to give your home a beautifully soft finish. The matt effect builds a modern and elegant appearance to your home. Our design team have engineered our splashbacks to ensure that you have the most beautiful yet practical finish. 

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective solution to Tiles and Marble
  • Quality tested products
  • Suitable to be used as wall panels 
  • Versatile
  • Easy DIY Fitting
  • Can be used in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Easy to clean

Perfect For

  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Bathroom Splashbacks
  • Shower panels (Tile and MArble)
  • Wall panels
  • Backsplashes
  • Statement pieces
  • Cost-effective waterproof panelling