5 DIY Home Comforts For Christmas

Preparing your home for Christmas is a magical and nostalgic experience. We have put together our 5 favourite DIY home comforts for Christmas to impress your guests and provide the ultimate magical experience.

1. Make It Smell Like Christmas

The smell of Christmas is nostalgic and wholesome, replicating this in your home is the easiest way to make it feel like Christmas has arrived. Instead of buying scented candles or diffusers, try our ridiculously easy DIY to achieve the festive Ambience. When you are happy with the aroma you can also repurpose the DIY diffuser and drink the delicious stewed brew with just a dash of honey for added sweetness.

What you will need:

  1. Vanilla extract 2 tsp
  2. Cinnamon sticks 2 or 3
  3. Oranges or lemons x 2
  4. Cloves 2 tbsp
  5. Apples x2
  6. Pine Sprigs (optional) x2
  7. Water 1 ltr
  8. Honey (if you wish to drink)
  9. Cranberry juice (optional substitute for water) 1 ltr

mulled wine image

2. Stylish Easy Clean Surfaces

There is no doubt that things get messy at Christmas, so having easy-clean surfaces, with as little clutter as possible is the best way to spend as little time tidying on Christmas day. Installing an easy wipe down splashback instead of tiles in your kitchen will not only decrease cleaning time but also elevate your space. Shop our easy install, easy clean splashbacks HERE!

3. Collect Fresh Greenery

Collecting and decorating your home with fresh seasonal foliage is not only a lovely activity to do with your family but also brings a Christmasy feel that no plastic wreath can. We have included a few of our favourite creations to spark inspiration below.

4. Get Baking

Shortbread is so easy to make and a great treat to have on the side whilst the family settles into board games or a late Christmas day movie. They are also a lovely gift if you add a little jam, sprinkle with icing sugar and wrap thoughtfully.

shortbread image

Simply plate and place around the house for guests to nibble on for a festive treat.

shortbread image

For a little added luxury, sandwich your shortbread together with some thickened jam. Dust with icing sugar and place in a simple box to give as a thoughtful homemade gift.

5. Warm coloured Christmas lights

There are many cost-effective ways to create a festive cosy atmosphere, including styling white pillar candles around the house, filling transparent candle holders with warm coloured fairy lights and hanging lights in your curtains. We have included some of our favourite cosy Christmas setups to spark inspiration below.

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