Creative Splashback Ideas 2023

Having just a functional kitchen splashback is a thing of the past. People want their kitchens to be the centrepiece of their home with Splashbacks that are elegant, stylish, and with our help, they can even be custom. If you want to modernise your kitchen but don’t have the budget to completely renovate your countertops and kitchen cabinetry then upgrading your splashback can drastically change and freshen up your kitchen. There have been a lot of trends over the years and this blog will give you an insight into the top creative splashback ideas of 2023 and hopefully help you decide which splashback is the right one for you.

Why choose a splashback?

You might be wondering why people opt for a kitchen splashback and there are numerous reasons as to why they are an important addition to your kitchen. Cooking is the focal point of a kitchen so it is extremely important to have a protective splashback that is easy to clean to protect your walls. Many people choose a splashback to compliment the style and design of their kitchen as the options are also endless in regards to design. Our splashbacks are also super easy to install in your kitchen, simply give us your dimensions with any socket cut-outs, and it will then arrive ready to simply stick on the wall. No laborious grouting or timely maintenance.

What to consider?

There are a lot of things to consider before choosing a splashback that is right for you. You will want to consider the overall colour of your kitchen. Do you want to have a neutral colour scheme with a pop of colour with your splashback? Or keep to an overall colour scheme with a splashback that compliments your kitchen cabinets and walls? You could have a standout centrepiece of a kitchen with a custom splashback that is personal to you. We offer a variety of different custom splashbacks from custom acrylic splashbacks custom glass splashbacks and even splashbacks that are completely customisable with an image that you upload.

The most important thing to consider is how the splashback fits in with your aesthetic, which is why our custom splashbacks are extremely popular as you can completely customise them to your taste and style. If you like the look of any of our splashbacks on the website, you can request a sample so that you can see what will suit your kitchen best before you order. We even have a splashback template to help you make sure that measurements are accurate and that it fits perfectly in the space before you order from us. Carry on reading to see what the current trends are for kitchen splashbacks for 2023.

Monochrome kitchen splashbacks:

A current trend for 2023 is to keep the splashback in the same colour with the existing kitchen decor such as the wall cabinetry which is a great option for homeowners to have a clear theme throughout the kitchen. There are two options that you can pick between, the standard colour splashbacks that have a gloss finish and the matte effect splashbacks which allow the splashback to softly brighten a kitchen without any glare. At custom splashbacks, we offer a service that can make a kitchen splashback that matches whatever colour you like to complement your kitchen design. The monochrome trend has a way of giving people a visual comfort of kitchen design being harmonious with kitchen cabinetry, walls and appliances which will match perfectly with the splashback.

Subway-style kitchen splashbacks:

Subway tile-style splashbacks are a classic splashback that returns year after year. White tiles allow people to have bright-coloured kitchen cabinets and walls and feature a more neutral splashback that seamlessly belongs in the colourful kitchen or for people who would like to have a classic look. It is an acrylic splashback that is extremely durable and easy to wipe down clean. There is also an option on our website to add a hard coating to the splashback which still provides the same brilliant gloss finish as standard acrylic but has a touch and durable scratch-resistant coating. This trend is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a timeless minimalist finish.

Aluminium composite kitchen splashbacks:

Another trend for 2023 is to have striking contrasting colours and materials or textures mixed together which can be achieved by having mixed materials such as Aluminium Composite as a splashback. This is popular because you can have different coloured accents such as gold accents in the splashback that compliments the other fixtures in the kitchen such as lights, taps, cabinet handles and other appliances. You could even have a copper-style splashback that brings a warm and sophisticated finish into your kitchen, which could match the vent hood of the extraction fan. Any of the Aluminium Composite splashbacks compliment extremely well with stainless steel appliances.

Acrylic patterned kitchen splashbacks:

A patterned kitchen splashback has become a key trend in 2023 because it creates such a visual focal point to compliment a wide variety of kitchens. Having different patterns that contrast the kitchen cabinetry gives the kitchen a modern and elegant look. There are endless options of pattern designs to suit a variety of colour schemes and style kitchens that can give a unique look to your kitchen such as geometric designs and hexagon shapes. These patterned splashbacks can really elevate the look of a kitchen making the room feel fresh and fun.

Statement custom splashbacks:

A unique trend for 2023 is to have a splashback that makes a statement in your kitchen. This can easily be achieved with custom splashbacks where you can upload your own image. This could be an image on the splashback that is personal to you, such as a scenic area of a place that holds an important memory to you which you could see every single day in your home or, an eye-catching artistic painting as a splashback. Adding an artists work to your kitchen splashback is a great way to show your personal artistic taste within the kitchen. This is a popular trend to feature a modern look in your kitchen with a splash of colour without having to re-design or decorate your cabinets and walls. We have a collaboration with a talented local artist Camilla Clark who has created some extremely beautiful coastal-inspired paintings that can be used as a stunning addition to your kitchen.

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