5 Ways To Decorate With Terrazzo

What Is Terrazzo?

Originating from Italy, terrazzo tiles are traditionally made of a combination of chipped materials such as marble, quartz, granite and other quality stones which are polished and smoothed. Modern terrazzo has adapted to use available cost-effective materials such as cement, resin or even paint chips. Although terrazzo was traditionally intended for flooring tiles, we now see it as a popular choice for any interior situation. Examples include kitchen countertops, wallpaper, and homewares.

Terrazzo is adaptable to suit any style, colour palette and situation which is why it has become so popular. Here are several ways you can incorporate terrazzo tiles and designs into your home and lifestyle.

1. Homeware Decor Accents

Incorporating terrazzo into your everyday accessories such as tables, coasters and placemats are a great way to add pattern and a splash of colour. You will be spoilt for choice on handmade terrazzo homewares online, but if want something more bespoke, handmaking your own designs is very easy. There are plenty of brands offering Terrazzo kits to make it a great weekend activity.

2. Kitchen Counters

Real terrazzo can be pricy but is highly durable and heat resistant which is why it’s great option for kitchen surfaces. Due to the boom in popularity, there are now cost-effective options to make it more accessible.

3. Kitchen Splashbacks

You can create a stunning focal point in your home with the addition of a terrazzo splashback, not to mention the practical benefits of easy cleaning and wall protection. We offer a large range of terrazzo-style splashbacks which arrive ready to fit into your kitchen or bathroom. Ranging from soft greys to bold colourful palettes.

4. Accent Walls

Add a creative finish to your home with terrazzo patterned wallpaper. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of incorporating this style into your home. Choose a confetti style pattern for a softer approach for large walls to prevent a cluttered feel.

5. Block Colours

As Terrazzo is a complex and intricate design choice, ensure you pair it with simplistic block colours or materials such as industrial-style iron or modern flat-fronted kitchen cabinets.

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