6 Ways To Incorporate Biophilic Design Into Your Home!

What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design is an innovative way to combine natural environments and elements with homes or urban environments that enhance a human-nature connection. This uplifting idea has many benefits including health, environmental and economic gains. The popularity of the concept has dramatically increased in the last few years, perhaps due to a large number of the population now working from home. Mind’s study found that 63% of UK adults state that time gardening or with nature helps their mental health. Your interaction with nature can also impact key functions such as sleep and mood.

Here are 6 ways you can incorporate biophilic design into your home, whether or not you have a garden.

1. Hanging Plants

Whether you have a small flat with no garden or a large house with plenty of space, adding hanging plants is a great way to soften a room without taking up any necessary space. There are several options you have: trailing plants from feature shelves, hanging hooks or even repurposing an old ladder as a hanging atrium.

2. Growing Your Own Herbs

In 2021, 26.7 million Brits grew their own produce with 62% of those claiming it had a positive impact on their mood. You can begin your journey with easy-care produce such as cress, chives, basil or any other potted herb. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, try growing plants from your purchased produce such as oranges, lemons or even avocados. Watching something grow can be very rewarding and beneficial to your well-being. Kings Fund’s report finds that it can reduce stress, fear, anger and sadness, as well as reducing blood pressure, pulse rate and muscle tension.

3. Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials or natural elements within your home can provide a serene ambience. If you are lucky enough to manage your own renovation project, consider using ethically sourced materials in your architectural design. Making a water feature within your garden space is a great way to create natural white noise for relaxation. If you are not planning a renovation, try enhancing the natural elements within your home. This may be exposing original features such as beams or floorboards.

4. Splash Of Green

APA’s research shows the colour green can positively affect thinking, relationships, and physical health. Green is also thought to relieve stress and help heal. With all of these benefits, there is no wonder we are seeing green echoed across our interior design choices. We see hazed green walls used throughout homes now which create restful, relaxed ambiences. Deep midnight greens are also a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, pair this with crisp white walls and deep green vegetation for a fresh finish. If you have a bright white washed room with high ceilings, adding a potted tree can soften and blur the parameters of the room.

5. Natural Elements

Although it might seem simple, natural elements such as natural light and natural ventilation can impact how you feel about your home. Creating the biophilic design is not just about adding plants and earth-based colours. To encapsulate the true essence of biophilia, open your home to natural elements such as light and air. If you work from home, having a window open to let fresh air flow throughout can make you feel more alive and connected with the outside world. Allowing as much daylight as possible into your home will make spaces seem more spacious and welcoming.

6. Patterns

You can incorporate elements of nature within your home by adding natural patterns on walls such as murals, wallpaper or even Kitchen Splashbacks. Add an aspect of nature into your kitchen by adding a scenic landscape to emulate a breath-taking view.

Biophilic spaces have been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years and will continue to emerge in homes and architecture across the world. We hope this article can spark or reignite a love of nature. We would love to see your biophilic creations, share these with us on social media @customsplashbacks.

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