Benefits of Using a Kitchen Splashback

Have you been questioning whether or not you really need a splashback in your kitchen?

If you are designing a brand new kitchen space or refreshing an existing one, we have put together some of the main reasons why a splashback should be central to your plan.

  • It will look fresher than tiles – A brand new splashback will look stylish and up to date. It won’t look tired in the way that standard kitchen tiles can after a little while, removing the risk of grout becoming discoloured and unsightly.
  • It’s waterproof – It’s surprising just how much moisture is in the air of a kitchen or bathroom. This can settle onto surfaces and overtime can cause mould and discolouration. However, a splashback is waterproof, so will not allow steam from a cooker or sink to work its way underneath the surface or lay stagnant where it can often turn into mould.
  • Cost effective – In comparison to fixing tiles to your kitchen or bathroom walls, splashbacks are extremely cost effective. You are paying for a whole sheet instead of multiple boxes of tiles, with a single fixing solvent required, rather than countless tubs of grout. A splashback will also look as good as new for much longer, without the need to replace it at regular intervals.
  • Extremely hygienic – All of our splashbacks meet food safety standards, so are perfect for using in a residential or commercial kitchen. The food grade acrylic surfaces are completely hygienic, helping to fight germs and bacteria by not allowing them to work their way into the material where they may have otherwise spread.
  • Easy to clean – Acrylic and glass splashbacks are incredibly easy to keep clean. Simple soap and warm water will do an excellent job of keeping grime at bay, whilst our Specialist Acrylic Cleaner will tackle the more stubborn marks and result in a crystal clear finish.
  • Easy to fit – Splashbacks are incredibly easy to fit into your kitchen or bathroom, without the need to call on professionals. With the Cut Plastic Sheeting service, you simply tell us where you need corner cut-outs or socket cut-outs and we will deliver it to you ready to fix into place.

If you need some further advice on the best splashback for your kitchen or bathroom, do not hesitate to get in touch, as we have specialists on hand who will be happy to help you wherever possible.

To find more information on Acrylic Splashbacks, Aluminium Composite Splashbacks and Glass Splashbacks visit our help guides. For any bathroom & kitchen splashback ideas, visit our inspiration page.

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