Choosing the Right Colour for your Splashback

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, the colour scheme is key.

It is easy to change the colour of your walls with a simple coat of paint, but it is more time consuming and expensive to replace your splashback for a new colour. This makes it even more important to get it right the first time.

Take the following into consideration when it comes to selecting your colour and you should be happy with the end result for a long time to come.

  1. What colour are your walls and cabinets? If they are fairly neutral such as whites and creams, then the sky’s the limit where splashback colours are concerned. You may decide that you need to inject a bright colour to stand out against the plain surfaces, or wish to create a colourful focal point in the room. If your cabinets are quite dark in colour, then a light-coloured splashback will lift the mood of your kitchen and help to ensure that it is not too oppressive.
  2. Are you designing your kitchen to be on-trend? Trends come and go quickly, so be careful if your kitchen is being designed to match a current phase. If you are happy for it to go out of fashion within a short space of time, then happily go for the slightly out-there design or the bright panel that is part of a colour-clashing look.
  3. Are you a messy cook? If your splashback will be surrounding your cooker and food preparation worktops, then it runs the risk of catching debris when you are cooking. Ideally, you will clean your splashbacks on a regular basis, but if you are a cook who makes a lot of mess and then forgets to clean the surface behind the hob or chopping board, perhaps a darker colour would be preferable. After all, black can hide a multitude of sins!
  4. Are you planning to move house soon? If you are decorating your kitchen to make your home more sellable or for renting out, then go for a neutral splashback colour. You will want the people who view your house to fall in love with it, particularly the kitchen which is the hub of the home. Your own taste may be bright and bold, but a potential buyer may be the complete opposite and will need to see the house as a canvas they can work with, not something they will need to overhaul. Remember that not everyone will be as stylishly-minded as you!
  5. Is your kitchen a fairly small space? To help make your kitchen seem bigger, try a mirrored splashback. This will create the illusion of having more space and give your kitchen a modern edge at the same time. A gloss splashback will have a similar effect.
  6. Try before you buy! Sometimes a colour in real life can look very different to what it looks like in your head. Order a few samples first and check that it matches the rest of your kitchen in the way that you want, then go ahead and order the full-size panels.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen is an important task, but it should be fun too. You will need to love looking at it every day, so be sure that you experiment with different colour swatches before ordering your splashback. Once chosen and fitted, it is sure to be a mark of pride within your new kitchen.

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