Easy Last-Minute Festive Home Décor Ideas

It’s easy to get caught up in the run to Christmas with everything that needs to get done. I’m sure some of you have got to mid-December and realised your home is not quite ready for home entertainment or just not quite as festive as you had imagined. That is why we have collated our top easy last-minute festive home Décor ideas for you to do to prepare your home for guests.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations – Wreaths and Garlands

Most of us have an abundance of baubles that don’t quite make it onto the tree. These can make a really effective wreath. Simply get an old wire hanger or garden wire and bend it into a circular shape and attach the baubles in clusters. Add a festive ribbon to finish, and voila you have a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang around the house or on your front door. You can also apply this technique to create a garland to frame doorways or sit on top of your mantle. If you want wreaths or garlands with a rustic feel, collect foliage in your garden or in your local park to cover your wire.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations – Mason Jars

Popping yummy treats such as candy canes around the house in mason jars with festive ribbons is a great decoration filler. You could also take it a step further by adding tea lights to your glass jars with fake snow on the outside for a fancy finish.

Adding battery-powered fairy lights to your mason jars is also a quick and easy solution to creating a cosy Christmassy atmosphere, these also make great centrepieces for the Christmas dinner table.

Festive Scents

The smell of Christmas is recognisable by all. Spicy cinnamon combined with sweet orange aromas. These are easy to achieve without the need to buy new scented candles. You can also combine this idea with making your own virgin mulled wine. All you need is simple seasonal spices such as cinnamon, cloves nutmeg, oranges and cranberry juice. Honey is also nice to add for a little extra sweetness. Simply warm these in an open pan and let the aromas circulate around your home for a Christmassy feel. Serve when you have achieved your desired aroma.

If you are lucky enough to have a wood burner or fireplace place orange peel with cloves or pine sprigs on top or by the fire to release the scents.

Decorating with Christmas Cards

As simple as it may seem, incorporating Christmas cards given to you by friends and family can be an instant way to inject the Christmas spirit into your home. An effective way to do this is by using a simple string and peg system and arranging them across a bare wall or trail up the bannister.

Fresh Greenery

Adding fresh greenery such as pine sprigs or misle toe to bulk out your festive displays or fake garlands or tree is a great way to make them seem more realistic and add a nostalgic festive smell.

Last-minute home DIYS

Although completing those last niggling home DIYs you’ve been thinking about all year isn’t specifically a festive decor choice, they can dramatically affect your experience at home during the Christmas period. Whether that’s updating your kitchen with a new splashback for easy cleaning or painting that accent wall in your bathroom or front room, our advice would be to get any last diy’s that are in communal areas done asap and leave anything your guests won’t see to the new year.

Cosy Comforts

Adding an extra cosy throw or blanket on your sofa when you have guests over for the Christmas period will insure that everyone can feel cosy and there will be no fights over who gets what. If you are also struggling with sofa space for your guests investing in a few beanbags is a great seating solution.

Temporary Christmas Bar

We all love to enjoy festive beverages whether they are alcoholic or virgin. As a host, this can be a tiring task if you are constantly having to make drinks whilst trying to organise food and games etc. Setting up a festive drinks bar is the way to solve this. Simply set this out on an unused unit or table with alcohol, mixers and glasses so your guests can help themselves. To make it extra festive decorate your bar with fresh foliage and or festive snacks such as gingerbreads or sugar cookies.

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