Easy Ways To Brighten Up A Dull Kitchen

Discover our easy ways to brighten up a dull kitchen!

The kitchen is a room where we spend most of our time, both in the morning and the evening. It is at these times of day that we often notice how dark and dull our kitchen can be, especially if a natural light source is very small or non-existent. 

However, there are ways of giving rooms the illusion of more light and life, which are cost-effective and easy to achieve. We have put together some of these ideas for you to try – don’t forget to send us your before and after photos!

Add a mirror

Mirrors are excellent for giving the illusion of more light and space, with their reflective qualities capable of opening up a room. You could keep it simple with a non-decorative frame or go for something a little more extravagant, or perhaps use a collection of smaller mirrors to create a focal point for one of your walls.

Experiment with lighting

A simple way of brightening up a room is to change the light-bulbs that you have been using. There are many different varieties on the market, many of which are energy saving, that can instantly transform your kitchen from being dull to light and airy. You could also look into creating under-lighting for kitchen counters and cabinets. This up-lighting effect will be subtle yet effective, making the room seem more interesting and bright. 

Create pops of colour

Using colour is a great way of adding light and space to your kitchen, whether it be on the walls or through the use of accessories. You could paint a feature wall that is one bold and bright colour, or paint your dining furniture yellow perhaps. Even practical accessories such as the kettle, toaster and microwave could be swapped out for brighter coloured versions, adding smaller pops of colour throughout the room. Brightly coloured kitchen splashbacks can also have an amazing effect and are easy to arrange.

Use metallic surfaces

Metallics are a wonderful way of reflecting light around a space, especially if you would like to add a modern and contemporary touch to your kitchen design. This could be in the form of accessories, furniture or a kitchen splashback such as our Copper Aluminium Composite Splashback.

Paint anything dark

A lick of paint can work wonders for refreshing and brightening a tired, dull kitchen. If you are not looking for a drastic change to your kitchen design, just go a couple of shades lighter on your existing colour. If you are a little more adventurous you can paint cabinet doors, dark tiles and skirting boards.

Replace dark flooring

One of the largest surface areas in your kitchen might be the floor, which are often dark and dull colours. Replace it with a lighter shade of tile or vinyl and it will have the ability to completely transform your kitchen space. 

Change windows and add a skylight

If you are unlucky not to have an existing window in your kitchen, consult a builder to see if you could have one put in. Light is key to brightening up a room, especially if it is from a natural source. Skylights on a single story kitchen will really help to open up and brighten the space, as will renewing any old, tired windows that have seen better days.

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