5 Colours to Inspire your Kitchen

A kitchen can be hard to design, with so many elements that need bringing together to make it stylish and functional. However, sometimes all we need is a colour to inspire us and the rest can flow from there. It can give us ideas for the entire layout or make us aware of options for a main focal point that can add interest and focus to the room.

We have chosen 5 of our favourite kitchen splashback colours, to help inspire you in your new kitchen design.

five colours to inspire your kitchen

Bright and colourful, red can completely change the look of a kitchen. Not for the faint-hearted, red can lift and renew your kitchen space, as a colour for the walls, and cabinets or as a bold statement in terms of the splashbacks. We love the Spicy Red Acrylic Splashback, with it’s deep gloss finish that will ensure the theme is stylish and bold, rather than over the top.

five colours to inspire your kitchen

There are so many shades of blue in the spectrum that you are sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen. You could go bold and dark, breaking it up with white or another lighter colour. You may decide that an under the sea theme would work well, mixing different shades of blue with greens and touches of white. Our Sea Blue Acrylic Splashback would suit this theme, as well as being a standalone background colour that does not impose too much on your design.

five colours to inspire your kitchen

Perfect for brightening the look of any kitchen, yellow offers hints of springtime and summer, helping to lift the mood of the entire room. Whereas yellow can be difficult to place in other areas of our lives, the kitchen is ideal for such light and bright shades, which can be accentuated with either lighter or darker colours in the rest of your design. A Pastel Yellow Acrylic Splashback will bring any dull kitchen back to life, making it a joy to spend time in.

five colours to inspire your kitchen

Always a good way to lift the mood of a kitchen, white never goes out of style. It offers a clean and sleek look, that can be used in either a modern or classic design. There are different shades of white, which can be mixed together with other bolder colours. Or you could simply keep your kitchen bright white as a whole, which will make a statement all on it’s own. Our White Sparkle Acrylic Splashback offers a fresh, clean look, with a modern and stylish finish.

five colours to inspire your kitchen

Perfect for a more modern and contemporary design, grey can be classic or space-age! It offers a slick look that can match with many other colours, as well as fitting into a more retro kitchen, where you may not be able to afford to change your old brown cabinets for example. A Mouse Grey Acrylic Splashback can help to make your kitchen unique, in an up to date design or as a more subtle backdrop to an older layout that you wish to keep.

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