How To Add Character To A Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, yet is often the most neglected when it comes to style and comfort. It is easy for a kitchen space to become purely functional, especially when there is no character drawing us to spend time there.

We have put together some easy to follow ideas that can help to add character to your kitchen, with the intention of transforming it from a dull and boring space to a room that is full of personality, which is homely and worthy of spending your time.

Use bold splashbacks

Splashbacks can really add character to a kitchen, with so many designs and colours available to choose from. You could choose to upload a photo that you have taken onto it for a personal touch or go for a printed tile design that adds an element of the exotic.

geometric style printed patterned splashback or backsplash in a light green kitchen with gold accents

Upcycle furniture

If you have a dining table and chairs that are looking tired and old, you have nothing to lose by attempting to upcycle them into something bright and new. You could paint them in a bold colour, add soft cushions to the chairs or create a completely unique design on the tabletop if someone in the family is good with art. Not only will it look characterful and new, you also have the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself.

Paint walls and cabinets

Sometimes a simple lick of paint can completely transform a room. Design your own colour scheme, using as few or as many shades as you choose, perhaps stenciling images onto the walls as you go. Don’t forget the cupboard doors too, as this can make a kitchen seem brand new without the cost. Add some new handles to finish them off and visitors will think that you have had a full kitchen refit!

how to add character to a kitchen, half painted yellow kitchen.

Use lighting that catches the eye

Don’t forget that lighting can make all the difference in giving a kitchen a whole new character. Underlighting the cupboards or worktops can add elegance, whilst strip lights can make a space feel more industrial. Decide on where in the room you would like the light to focus and then what style you like, with clear lighting over work spaces and perhaps softer lighting in seating areas.

Add the personal touch

One of the main things to add character to a kitchen will be the accessories that you choose to fill it with. This is where you can really make it personal and unique to you, filled with items that you have made or pieces that you may have picked up on your travels. Add art to the walls, whether quirky or classic, with green indoor plants on tables and window sills to add life and vibrancy. 

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