How to create a Japandi kitchen or bathroom!

The Japandi style is a collaboration of Japanese minimalism and Scandi chic for a harmonious down to earth feel. If you love natural finished furnishings and grounding neutral shades this style is for you. The clean lines and simplistic colours used to create this finish are a one-way road for capturing zen in your home.

Here are a few quick tips for creating a seamless Japandi finish.

P1. Don’t over Complicate!

Japandi is a minimalist style so when you set out to create your Japandi space think less is more. Use clean lines for your furnishings, if you are designing your kitchen or bathroom from scratch avoid quaker style cabinets with detailing. A sleek smooth finish creates a calmer ambient.

Try not to over clutter with trinkets, you will create a more tranquil atmosphere if you choose one or two statement pieces and leave things such as toasters, kettles and toiletries inside storage spaces.

P2. Keep It Neutral

Earth-based shades capture the Japandi style perfectly. They have the ability to ground your surroundings and bring tranquillity. Lick paint company suggest serval shades of beige tones to start your Japandi journey, which creates a truly wholesome and comforting finish. Their paints of choice include Light Beige 02 and Greige 01( as shown below).

P3. Embrace Nature

The Japandi style embraces nature with the back to basics approach. With this minimalist styling, plants add much-needed comfort softness. Scientific studies prove that having plants within your living space can be beneficial for your mental health. So, if you also don’t have the opportunity to go outside in your own garden, having indoor plants can be a way of fulfilling that need for nature. We have put together a few of our favourite Japandi plant features to spark some inspiration below.

Top Tip: Don’t get carried away when purchasing plants, ensure you research what you wish to grow. This ensures you don’t spend money on a plant that won’t thrive in your environment. There is plenty of useful content online that can advise you on the best plant for your space.

P4. Quality over quantity

When you are creating a minimalist style it is important to have grounding quality workmanship and furnishings. Japandi is centred by nature, so to truly capture this essence use natural materials such as cotton and natural wood finishes. This is a great opportunity to support local small businesses that use ethically sourced materials.

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Create a Japandi Kitchen or Bathroom!

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