How To Light Your Kitchen

Selecting the right way to light your kitchen can make a big impact on not only the way the space looks and feels but also how you use it. We have put together some top tips to consider when lighting your kitchen, so you can make the most out of your space.

Under cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is an easy cost-effective solution for upgrading your kitchen. It can transform your surfaces from dark and unpractical to the perfect setting for kitchen duties. The good news is you can implement this lighting at any stage of your kitchen journey.

Top Tip: When you are choosing your under cabinet lighting ensure they are the same tones as your existing lighting as having cool lighting alongside warmer lighting can have a contradictory finish.

Multifunctional lighting

It’s important to consider all areas and functionalities of your lighting before considering style. Food preparation areas need bright directed light to ensure there is enough light to undertake tasks. Dining areas need a combination of lighting, ambient to create a relaxed atmosphere and brighter direct lighting.

Our Illuminated LED Splashbacks are the perfect example of multifunctional lighting, not only is it practical but also creates a variety of different ambiences with its dimmer capabilities. The light emitted ranges from a soft ambient glow, to bright for food preparation.

Top Tip: Ensuring all of your lights have dimming options is the best way to achieve the perfect tone in your home without needing multiple light sources.

Sensor Lights

Adding strip sensor lights is a great way to add clarity to dark corners of your kitchen such as cutlery draws and pantry cupboards. It makes things easier to find which will help to keep things looking tidy. All you need is a sensor switch and led strip lighting.

Overhead Feature Lights

Overhead lights create a finished look in a kitchen. It can be the combining feature that reinforces the theme and style. It’s important that these are the perfect height and placement to ensure the room looks balanced. Try hanging a weighted string from the ceiling to ensure you get the perfect height and width apart. These lights can be placed over kitchen islands or dining tables to add a lifted central glow.


Key Points covered:

  • How to light your kitchen
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Multifunctional lighting
  • Sensor lighting
  • Overhead lighting
  • LED lighting 
  • LED Splashback

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