Interior Colours of 2021!

Interior colours of 2021!

Vibrant colours have become a key trend for 2021. We are seeing more people embracing brighter and bolder shades to uplift their homes, whether that’s a feature wall with a bright pattern or more permanent fixtures like orange cabinets. It also seems as if Retro themed kitchens are on the rise!

Orange and white retro kitchen.


Image credits to Little Green paint. Colour Drummond.

If you have been thinking about adding a bright colour to your kitchen, go for it! Why not try painting your kitchen units? Painting cabinet doors/units is a great way to uplift your kitchen without spending lots of money. Top tip: make sure you check the best paint for your specific kitchen cabinets before you jump into DIYing (some cabinets are not suitable for painting so make sure you get advice from a decorator or simply look it up online).

As we have been spending so much more time at home there has been a shift in attitude towards letting go of old trends, we are not so bothered as to what visitors might think. Embracing new trends and experimentation have definitely become popular. This beautiful country kitchen has thrived off a splash of soft baby pink and bright mint green, the addition of foliage is what really brings this kitchen together.


If you are going for a bold colour, shade is very important. Test patches for painting and buying samples should be your first call to action. Paint can look very different in the shop and at different times of the day. Top Tip: Once you have received your sample whether that’s paint samples, splashback samples or even material samples for curtains or furniture, place/paint your sample in the location you are planning to have the real thing and observe at different times of the day. This will give you a true understanding of how it will affect your space throughout the day.

White kitchen with orange splashback and pink fridge.


Our Golden Sunshine Splashback adds a contemporary finish to this simplistic kitchen. CLICK HERE TO SHOP!

Top Tip: When you are shopping for accessories such as plant pots, cooking appliances or even kitchen chairs, take your samples with you so you don’t have to guess whether the shades will go together.

Trending in the UK

As Stated by Shutter Stock’s 2021 colour trends, the UK’s most popular colour is #F08080 which is shown in the splashback below. The bright cheerful colour trend is echoed across the globe in an effort to bring a brighter light-hearted feeling into our homes, perhaps to compensate for the past two year’s doom and gloom. Adding bright bursts of colour to interior spaces is also a great way to create an eye-catching feature piece. 

Inspired by this stunning bathroom? Why not get the UK’s 2021 colour in your home by using our Custom Colour splashback service. Simply copy this code #F08080 into the HEX box on our custom colour Product page, enter your required dimensions and get your dream splashback! We always recommend ordering samples first, you can order a sample of this custom colour by CLICKING HERE FOR ACRYLIC, CLICK HERE FOR GLASS! Don’t worry we cover the cost of your sample when you purchase your dream splashback! If you want to recreate this entire look, the CMYK colour values for this vibrant orange wall is 6,43,79,0.

Get inspired with a few of our favourite colourful creations!

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