Kitchen Styles From Around The World

There are two things that we absolutely love here at Custom Splashbacks, holidays and new kitchens! So why not combine the two?

We are often inspired by the kitchen decor we see abroad, from quaint villas to luxurious hotels and local restaurants to alfresco dining. Holiday season is now coming to an end for many of us, so for this months blog we are looking at how to re-create the perfect authentic kitchen for your home, with a little taste of the exotic!

Mediterranean Style

Nothing says sunshine quite like a traditional Mediterranean kitchen! Capturing the essence of the beautiful landscape, this style of kitchen is bright and open plan, decorated in rich colours such as sand, terracotta and burnt orange tones on both the floors and walls. 

Patterned tiles are a wonderful touch, mirroring the often locally made tiles you would find in a Mediterranean kitchen. Blue and white are a traditional colour combination, adding a cool feel to a new space that will remind you of sandy beaches and delicious local cuisine. Using wooden beams on the ceiling and wrought iron accessories can take your new kitchen design to a new level, completing the look with bowls of oranges and lemons, adding flavoured oils to the work surfaces as practical decoration.

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kitchens from around the world

Spanish Hacienda

Remind yourself of lazy days in Spain, with an authentic Spanish hacienda design. Hand painted splashback tiles of burnt oranges and blues, as well as mixing brighter colours with earthy tones of red and brown will help to create a relaxing space where you will love to prepare food and entertain.

Terracotta floor tiles add a cooling touch that is so often needed in a warm Spanish climate. If you wish to take the design further, artisan ironwork will bring authenticity and interest, whilst solid wooden shelving and cupboards bring elements of the practical and the Spanish countryside.

Arched windows and entrances will bring the warm and welcoming feel that you desire,  helping to create a family space that will take you back to glorious sunny evenings that are a million miles away.

This beautiful Red Wine, Grapes and Aged Wood Printed Splashback is perfect for bringing a touch of Spain into your home!

kitchens from around the world

French Country Style

If the French countryside is where your heart lies, this is the style of kitchen for you. Pale walls and accessories mixed with earthy tones offer a taste of the provincial landscape, with stone, brick and wooden surfaces to add to the rustic feel of being close to nature. 

The French love to cook and eat together, so it is a wonderful idea to have a gathering space in the middle of the kitchen, such as a worktop island, where you can prepare your ingredients and sit enjoying a traditional glass of wine while the food is bubbling away.

Some authentic wall art will bring the design together, such as pastel drawings that replicate local scenery or display delicious-looking French cuisine.

This Rustic Cheese Platter Printed Kitchen Splashback will fit in nicely with this theme!

kitchens from around the world

Scandi Chic

The Scandinavian style kitchen is an increasingly popular design that is found in many homes. Filled with clean lines, this kitchen is chic but plain, uncluttered and minimalist. Perhaps take this into account if you have an untidy family!

The materials you use should all have a natural feel to them as if they have been collected from a local Scandinavian forest. Snowy white is your main colour, with light wooden tones to complement it. Mood lighting is important, particularly at the centre of the kitchen to emphasise those white shades and the cool, fresh colours of the landscape.

Use plants, herbs and artwork to add warmth to the surroundings, with accents of copper in your accessories. Large windows will let the light in and radiate through your stylish kitchen, which should include cleverly thought out hidden storage space, adding to the minimalist design.

A White and Gold Marble Printed Kitchen Splashback is a beautifully chic and minimalist way to fit in with the Scandi design.

kitchens from around the world

Italian Tuscan

The Italian’s are known for their style, with their kitchens being no different. It should be full of character, with textured walls in cream and pale yellows or even darker earthy oranges. Italy has many layers to it, as do their kitchen designs, so shades of gold, green, blue and pops of red are also great for creating your perfect kitchen space. 

Using authentic accessories can add a true Italian touch to your kitchen. Wrought iron finishings, rustic furniture and hanging copper pots draw in the traditional Italian countryside, in a charming and welcoming way. Murals are a great idea, especially if it’s something that you have designed yourself.

As with many kitchens from around the world, the Italian space should be family focused, with large spaces to gather for cooking and eating together. Complete your look with Italian cookbooks, fresh fruits and vegetables, then relax in the homely, stylish kitchen that will remind you of good times spent in a glorious country with friends and family.

Nothing says Italian like good food, so this lovely Italian Tomato, Garlic and Basil Pasta Printed Splashback is perfect!

kitchens from around the world


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