New Year New Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

There are lots of exciting kitchen trends that you can adopt within your home for 2023, including a rise in using sustainable materials and applying your splashback around the whole kitchen. We have compiled a list of the top 10 kitchen trends to keep your home up-to-date.

Tech Upgrades

Integrating smart appliances in 2023 will be a popular trend. It takes your kitchen to the next level and makes staying in, all that more luxurious. Take a look at our top 5 smart kitchen appliances you could use to upgrade your kitchen this year.

  1. Smart Fridges – A smart refrigerator may seem like a fad, but it can really help with food waste and meal prep. Some features include contents listing that links to your phone, meal planners on your digital fridge door screen, smart recipes and even voice noting.
  2. Smart Microwaves – It’s so easy to bubble over the milk or get that curry splatter on the top of your microwave. This would be a distant memory with new smart microwaves on the market, they come with features such as built-in sensors that detect when your food is ready and hands-free door opening and closing.
  3. Smart Toasters – Say goodbye to burnt toast and fingers. The new Revolution cooking smart toaster goes way beyond breakfast with awesome features such as detecting when your toast is done to your desired amount, auto rise, so you don’t burn your fingers and it also doubles up as a panini marker.
  4. Voice Activated Kitchen Faucets – Smart kitchen faucets can link up to your smart hub. Simply state “Alexa pour 500ml of hot water” so you don’t have to struggle to hold the pan and turn the tap on. If you are a hot drink enthusiast this is a great addition to reduce kettle boiling.
  5. Smart Slow Cookers – Smart cookers are a great way for people with busy schedules to create a quick healthy meal ready when they get home. Chuck in the ingredients in the morning and go. Smart slow cookers come with added control such as remote adjustable temperature from your phone if you get caught up at work.

You can control all of your smart appliances using a Smart Hub which most people have in their homes already. Two of the most common are Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub.

Let there be light

Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen for every occasion will take your interior to new levels. It not only makes life easier with food prep, but it can also alter the ambience of the room. Recessed lighting became the most popular style of primary lighting for kitchens in 2022, and is set to be no different in 2023. Recessed lights add light effortlessly without intruding on decor, style or space. You can also integrate your recessed lights with your smart system so you can manage it remotely – no need to worry whether or not you turned all the lights off! Recessed lights aren’t just for ceilings, you can place them on walls for a feature or under your cabinets for task lighting. If you want a luxury feel, adding an Illuminated Splashback is a premium finish that has dimming capabilities to suit your mood and task.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability and eco-living are top trends for 2023, so it’s no surprise that people will be using locally sourced natural materials where possible in their kitchens. You can incorporate this ethos by using UK natural woodwork surfaces, and natural stone floor tiles such as granite, slate or eco accessories.

Fluted Finishes

Something that follows the sustainable style is this rising trend of fluted cladding. You can use reclaimed wood and trim to the right size to recreate this finish. Fluted cladding is versatile and easy to install yourself so it can be used in many locations such as cabinet fronts, accent wall panels or island features.

Custom Cabinets

As mentioned by Nadia Subaran, founder and principal of Aidan Design, unlike previous years, 2022 saw a rising trend in people going the extra mile and splashing the cash on cabinet furniture. If you want a cheap and effective way to upgrade your existing kitchen cabinets you can add a lick of paint, switch up the door furniture or add sheet material to the front to change the entire finish.

Trendy Tidies

The new way to impress your friends and family is ultra organised cupboards and draws. Finding new ways to sort your appliances, ingredients and kitchen accessories is a rising trend seen on social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Organising your kitchen can reduce food wastage and enhance your cooking experience. One of the most popular trendy tidies is a stacked spice draw as seen below. With all your ingredients in jars, it is also a great opportunity to support your local zero-waste shop.


Leading on from ‘Trendy Tidies’, Food Pantries will be a way to remove unnecessary clutter from your main kitchen area for snacks and none cooking essentials. Although you may think you need a spare room for a pantry, you only need one spare wall to put in a storage cabinet. The main way to keep your pantry free of chaos is to segment the available space so you know where everything is. Adding loose items into storage baskets also makes the clutter more manageable. Finally, add sensor lighting so you don’t have to get your phone torch out to see the back of the shelf.

Slab Splashbacks

Say goodbye to laborious kitchen tiles as we welcome in easy clean, durable slab splashbacks. We are seeing more people opting into sleek one-sheet splashbacks that follow all areas with kitchen worktops for a fresh, easy to maintain, kitchen design. Kitchen Splashbacks come in many different styles including copper, marble, custom patterns, tile effects and even custom images. One of the many reasons people are opting for a one-panel effect is due to the simplicity of fitting. Simply give us your dimensions and it arrives ready to sick on the wall with adhesive. Depending on what hob you have will determine what splashback material you choose, each material has pros and cons that are worth considering.

Acrylic Splashbacks


  • Suitable for use with electric and convection hobs
  • Easy to fit
  • Allows for socket cut-out with a low possibility of damage
  • Available for custom printing
  • Available in a large variety of colours, patterns and finishes
  • Lightweight
  • Glass like finish
  • Food graded
  • Available to get in the exact size to the mm or cm
  • Water-resistant


  • Not suitable for G=gas cookers
  • Sealing edges is advised

Aluminium Splashbacks


  • Suitable for all hobs (with an advisory 150mm back from the flame)
  • Easy to fit
  • Allows for socket cut-out with a low possibility of damage
  • Available in a variety of colours and two finishes including brushed and high gloss
  • Lightweight
  • Food graded
  • Available to get in the exact size to the mm or cm
  • Water-resistant
  • No sealing required


  • No custom print is available

Glass Splashbacks


  • Suitable for all hobs
  • Available in a large variety of colours and patterns
  • Food graded
  • water resistant


  • Fragile
  • Only available in one high gloss finish
  • Socket cut-outs make the splashback fragile and difficult to fit
  • Heavy

Shop our full range of colours, patterns and finishes on our website.

Hobs and cookers

If you are designing a new kitchen or just looking for a new cooker, it’s important to understand the current climate and what is going to stand the test of time. The government has announced that gas boilers will be phased out over the next 10 years, and lots of people are also incorporating renewable energy into their homes such as solar power. With this in mind opting for an electric cooker will ultimately save you money in the long run. If you have children convection hobs prevent accidental burns.

Reworked Kitchen Islands

As we see fewer people renovating their homes in the open-plan style, kitchen islands will be reworked and used more heavily for informal dinners and social events. You can create your own kitchen island with an old table or reclaimed kitchen units, MDF panels and paint. Simply box the legs of the island with the MDF using a nail gun, paint and place. If you are looking for a no-nails approach simply try adding wheels to an old table and paint for a mobile kitchen island, just insure the wheels are lockable.

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