The Copper Kitchen Interior Design Trend

Copper has been a popular design feature in the home for the past few years and shows little sign of going away. This stylish trend is especially favoured by our customers and we often receive photos of the amazing finished results that have been created. The Victorians may have used copper out of necessity in their kitchens, but we love to use it as an interior design choice!

We have taken a closer look at why people love the copper trend for their kitchen.

  • Copper shades complement almost any style of kitchen. From a rustic look to minimalist or industrial, it is one of the few metallics that can easily sit within any design.
  • The metal is not harsh and in fact, offers a warming hue that other metals do not have.
  • Copper works well with light colours and especially well with darker shades in the kitchen, offering versatility for your design.
  • Using copper is an affordable way to revamp your kitchen, as our popular Aluminium Composite Splashback proves.
  • Create a focal point for your kitchen by adding copper on one wall, such as behind your cooker or as worktop splashbacks.
  • Copper can offer a touch of tasteful luxury, as well as a classic or contemporary feel depending on what you match it with.
  • Adding character and warmth is easy with copper. Use accessories with copper accents, such as kettles, pots and pans, pendant lights and wine racks to help tie your design together.

Using copper as splashbacks is an easy way to bring metallics into the home, with a sophisticated glamour that will stand the test of time. Take a look at our customer gallery to see a selection of kitchen designs that feature our amazing copper sheet splashback and see how it might fit into your updated kitchen.


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