Tips For Keeping Your Splashback and Kitchen Clean

Having a brand new kitchen and stylish splashback fitted is an exciting moment in any homeowners life. You will have saved hard to be able to afford the best materials, spent hours designing how your new kitchen should look and function, then waited patiently as a team of builders rip out your old kitchen in order to fit the new one. 

Once the builders have gone home and the dust has settled, you will most likely spend hours of your time arranging, then rearranging all of your kitchen items into their permanent new home, keeping the room absolutely spotless. Before long, it is most likely that you will gradually start to clean the kitchen less and less, as life gets back to normal and other priorities take over.

We have put together some easy to follow cleaning and tidying tips, perfect for those who are short on time and want to get their kitchen back to the brand spanking new look that you had so looked forward to in the past.

Clean as you go

Perhaps the most effective cleaning tip is to simply clean as you go. Leaving dirty dishes to pile up on the worktop or creating areas of clean kitchenware, paperwork or random things that children and partners have left in the room without putting them away, will only make you feel more stressed when you come to approach it all at once. Set aside 5-10 minutes a day to deal with those piles of things, as it will leave your worktop clear and enable you to clean the surfaces in one swift swoop, rather than having to weave your way around books, toys, letters and cutlery.

Keep it minimal

Keeping your kitchens space minimal will help to ensure that dust and cooking grime does not collect on too many objects in your kitchen, giving you less things to clean. It will also free up lots more worktop space for you to cook from and leave the room looking tidy and styled.

Get the family involved

They make a share of the mess, so it stands to reason that they should help to clean it up! Start a kitchen rota, dividing the jobs up according to what is age appropriate. Allocate a day and person for emptying the bins, take it in turns to do the washing up or load the dishwasher and someone can sweep the floors. Also encourage everyone to stop leaving their belongings in the kitchen, taking them back to where they came from and putting them away.

Cleaning your splashbacks

Wiping your splashbacks regularly will help to prevent the build-up of grease and grime that will be produced in one of the most highly used rooms in the home. As much as we would like to think that we are tidy cooks, there will always be grease in the air, dust building up and little splashes of food from when we are mixing or boiling.

The Vuplex Acrylic Cleaner Kit will help to protect your acrylic surfaces and keep them looking as good as new. The bottle comes with 2 micro-fibre cloths, which are perfect for being gentle on your splashback. The anti-static cleaner is non-abrasive and will apply a fine coat of wax to the surface, which will protect the area from any micro-scratches.

If your kitchen splashbacks are old and beyond a spruce-up, take a look on our website where you can find a new stylish splashback that you can be proud of once more. 

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