Top 5 Summer Interior Trends For 2022

As we look forward to warmer days and spending as much time relaxing outside as we do inside, we will see seamless transitions between inside and outside spaces with our interior trends. More time will be invested into upgrading garden space in an effort to utilise every area in our homes. This summer will also be a time to focus on self-care and aligning our homes to improve mental health and general wellbeing, whether that be yoga areas or decluttering for clarity of mind.

Here is our top 5 summer interior trends for 2022, that can not only upgrade your home but also improve your general well-being.


1.Biophilic Design Incorporation

Biophilic design harnesses an intense connectivity between our homes and nature. This is achieved by incorporating natural lighting, ventilation, plants and sometimes natural landscape features. This design concept has stemmed from a yarning for healthier natural living. You will often see this used to soften ultra-modern architecture, however, it can also be used in period properties.

You can incorporate this into every room within your house by:

  1. Potted plants
  2. Nature-themed wallpaper murals
  3. Forest or nature-themed kitchen splashbacks to create the illusion of a scenic window
  4. Maximising light with lighter interior colours
  5. Encourage fresh air into your home – this can increase productivity and give your home an uplifted feel

2.Mindful Organisation

Marie Kondo, clutter-free life expert says that “tidying can transform your life”. When our surroundings feel full and disorderly it can affect our ability to relax, make us feel stressed or anxious and even affect our sleep. News GP states that ‘our physical environments significantly influence our cognition, emotions and subsequent behaviours, including our relationships with others’.

2022 is the year for change, aligning our homes with our goals and lifestyle. You can achieve a clutter-free seamless home this summer by following a few simple steps:

  1. Toss anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’
  2. Sort your possessions by category not by room
  3. Use labelled containers to sort your cupboard essentials so ingredients are easy to find
  4. Avoid service level possessions to create areas ready for any occasion
  5. Install easy to clean solutions such as kitchen splashbacks for ergonomic use

3.Earth Shades

Earth-based tones are a symbolic reiteration of a step toward a greener more natural lifestyle, which interiors of 2022 will echo. Green will sit at the forefront of this design style, which aligns with the ‘self care’ theme for 2022. Impact states that ‘Green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security’.

4.Open Plan layouts

Open plan living is a change not only for summer or for 2022. Open-plan spaces are more sociable and perfect for those of us that love to entertain. Architectural News states that whilst cooking ‘asking your family and friends to take an active role in the process boosts a sense of community and improves connection’. Although this is something that requires a larger budget than adding plants and painting walls, it is a way to transform a space without the need for external changes.

5.Home Luxuries and Self Care Spaces

The term ‘spathroom’ will become a trend throughout 2022 this summer. This is all in effort look after yourself within the comforts of your own home. This can be as extravagant as jacuzzi baths or simply obtaining the essentials to help you relax after a long day at work. Here is a few basics to create your own home spathroom.

  1. Bath tray
  2. Soft fluffy white dressing gown to give you luxury spa vibes
  3. White fluffy towels
  4. Scented candle or essential oil diffuser
  5. Your favourite skin care products

We hope you have enjoyed our Top 5 Summer Interior Trends For 2022. If you are planning on refreshing your kitchen or bathroom, take a look at our splashback collections or our inspiration area to kick start your splashback journey.


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