Top Organisation Tips For Your Home

Organising your home is a great way to feel more positive about your space and can optimise daily tasks such as cooking, washing clothes and even getting dressed. You can optimise almost every area in your home with organisation techniques which can also be a part of your interior design. As mentioned by Verywell Mind ‘a clean house can help you reduce your anxiety’. Discover our top organisation tips for your home by reading below.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas

Kitchen organisation has become very popular over the last few years, with lots of social media influencers posting content optimising their fridges. Investing in organisation solutions for your fridge can also help you reduce food waste. Instead of just chucking your groceries in the fridge after the weekly shop, having a designated box will help you plan meals more effectively. Air-tight containers can also increase the shelf life of your fresh fruit and veggies.

Have you ever had your flour bag explode or tip all over your cupboard? Most of us have. Investing in airtight containers will prevent messy spillages, increase the shelf life and make your ingredients easier to find. If you want to keep your containers looking newer for longer, spending a little more money on glass containers will ensure this. Adding tiered shelves within your cupboards or drawers is the best way to easily access and see what you have.

Bathroom Organisation Ideas

More and more homes are opting for refillable single plastic-free solutions for bathroom products, and with this comes a much less cluttered bathroom. Suction cup shelves for your shower or bath area are the perfect place to put your refillable shampoo, conditioner and shower gel dispensers. They are easy to clean and reduce the build-up of black mould which can occur with lots of bottles sitting around the edge of your shower or bath. For cosmetic products such as cotton pads, buds and skin care products, clear compartmented draws can sit under the sink to keep them sanitary and easy to access. A simple way to make sure your space feels uncluttered is to have easy-to-clean surfaces and walls. Avoid tiles with grouting and opt for a simple easy-to-fit splashback. Our splashbacks come ready to fit and cut to your exact dimensions.

Utility Organisation Ideas

We have all overpoured the fabric conditioner or knocked over the washing powder. The dispensers below will keep your washing area clean and prevent spillages whilst adding an elegant finish. Adding a wall or door hanging ironing board is also a great way to maximise on space if you have a small kitchen or laundry room. This also makes last-minute ironing sessions much less stressful. If you are lucky enough to have a designated area for your laundry consider installing a wall-mounted drying rack. This massively saves on floor space and can be quickly pushed away after use.

Bedroom Organisation Ideas

Clothes are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutter in our homes. This is your sign to deep haul your clothes and in Marie Kondo, organisation guru’s words “Does this spark joy? If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it.” Marie teaches a folding technique that optimises even the smallest of spaces. This consists of folding clothes into a long shape and then rolling them tightly. This enables you to fit far more clothes into your drawers and also makes taking clothes out easier. What do you do with your clothes that have been worn once and are not dirty but feel unworthy of going back in the draw? Most people have the dreaded chair or floordrobe, this can easily affect your ability to fully relax. Having designated storage space or specific wall hooks will prevent your semi-clean clothes from taking over an entire room.

Craft Room Organisation Ideas

Craft rooms have the tendency to get very overwhelmed with craft supplies and different projects on the go. There is nothing more frustrating than being partway through a project and not being able to find that paintbrush you knew you had last week. One of the most useful storage ideas for your craft supplies is to have tidy drawers on wheels. This enables you to move your drawers wherever your DIY is taking place. Adding dividers with easy-to-read labels to your drawers also makes it much quicker to see what you have with a simple glance.

Our top tip: Ditch the junk drawer and give your items a designated home, a labeller is your best friend.

You can find home storage solutions such as containers, trolley tidies and detergent dispensers at your local home wear shop such as Ikea, B&M, The Range, Dunelm and Home Bargains.

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