Top Tips For Brightening Your Kitchen

Bright kitchens are a key trend for 2023 as it has been for many a year, and there is a reason for that. Not only does having a bright light and airy kitchen offer a timeless elegance to a home, but it can also appear less cluttered due to the minimalist style. Kitchen lighting can play a big factor in this and should be one of the first things you should consider when redecorating or designing your kitchen. Choosing the right lighting for your home is key for ease of use and it is vital that it suits your lifestyle and kitchen style. There are key components that should be taken into consideration; ceiling height, task lighting, mood lighting and internal cupboard lighting. Find the best lighting and design tricks for brightening up your kitchen by reading our top tricks for brightening your kitchen below.

1. Recessed Kitchen Lighting

If you have a low kitchen ceiling and or a small kitchen, recessed kitchen lights in your ceilings is a great way to brighten your space. If you have a dining table, kitchen island or breakfast bar, adding lighting above this area creates places where you can prepare food, entertain guests, play games or do paperwork without the issue of shadowing. As opposed to pendant lighting, recessed lighting is unintrusive to style and will suit almost any style of kitchen. You can have these fitted by a professional with LED light bulbs which are very cheap to run. If you are feeling fancy you can even get colour-changing blubs or dimmer options to match your mood.

2. The All White Kitchen

Although it may seem simple, crisp white kitchen cupboards and lighter surfaces can massively have an impact on kitchens of all sizes. It can give the appearance of walls expanding and reflects natural light around your kitchen. You can easily upgrade your kitchen yourself by painting your cabinets or laying light vinyl over the work surfaces. Having an all-white kitchen is a great solution if you are planning to sell your property as it offers a simple and elegant finish whatever the layout of your kitchen. To achieve the true white kitchen aesthetic it is important to keep kitchen appliances to the minimum to avoid a cluttered chaotic finish.

3. Task Lighting

Task lighting is essential to consider when revamping your kitchen. Thinking about where you will be preparing food or which cupboards have the most use is important so you can insure everything gets enough light to make cooking an enjoyable experience. Undercabinet lighting is key for this as it offers uninterrupted light straight onto your surfaces. You can also add sensors so they turn off when you have finished cooking. If you are looking for a premium task lighting solution, our illuminated splashback offers more than just functionality. During the day it provides a premium coloured splashback and with a press of a button, it transforms into an illuminated panel that offers suitable lighting for any kitchen task. It also has dimmers that offer ambient light for an informal romantic dinner in the evening. Cabinet lighting is often overlooked when redecorating, but I am sure you have struggled with your phone torch to find that ingredient you know is at the back of your cupboard! You can get sensor cabinet lights at a reasonable price on amazon to solve this problem.

4. Feature Lighting or Lighting Fixtures

If you have a larger kitchen with tall ceilings consider using pendant lights as accent lighting. Placing these over areas such as your kitchen island, breakfast bar or table will bring the room together with a focal point. Matching your kitchen cabinet fixtures with the lights will help to tie everything together. For example, if you have gold handles opt for a light pendant with a gold feature.

5. Kitchen Splashbacks

Using a simply designed kitchen splashback will give the illusion of a larger kitchen. Opt for light colour and if you are looking for ultimate brightening choose a high gloss finish to reflect light around your space. Depending on your kitchen cabinets we recommend choosing either a slightly deeper or brighter shade than your cabinets to provide more depth. We have a large range of neutral splashbacks that will brighten your kitchen, or if you want a specific colour use our custom colour wheel to achieve your dream colour.

6. Natural Lighting

Although it may seem simple using natural light to brighten your kitchen it’s easier said than done. To maximise natural light in your kitchen there are a few things you can do. Placing a mirror on your kitchen wall helps to reflect any natural light and gives the illusion of a larger and brighter room. If you are designing a new kitchen consider where your windows are and be sure not to block natural light with cabinets. If you need more storage space, use shelves as an alternative to cabinets so you minimise the risk of blocking any more light from entering your kitchen area. This will allow the light to still flow into the area so no dark corners are made. We see more people opting for fewer overhead cabinets and more shelves to welcome natural light into their homes.

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