Top Ways to Prepare your Home for Winter

As the colder months are approaching, now is the best time to take a closer look at your home and prepare for autumn and winter. Preparing for the winter has never been more important than this year, as we are facing increased heating costs. But there is more to winter preparations than that: this is also an excellent time to review the latest interior design ideas and give your home a bit of a lift.

Here’s our Top ways to prepare your home for winter.

Keeping Warm

Before we look at home design trends as such, let us start by ensuring you and your family will be comfortable and warm this autumn and winter. Drafty windows are one of the main reasons for your home to lose heat. With energy costs expected to hit all-time highs, few families can afford to simply turn up the thermostat. At the same time, upgrading windows to install double-glazing may be more than you can currently afford.  

This is when an acrylic plastic magnetic secondary glazing kit comes in handy. Made from clear Perspex acrylic, these fitted sheets offer a lightweight, durable, and strong alternative to glass – at a fraction of the price. They will keep out the cold and minimize drafts, keeping the whole family comfortable this season. Plus, they are easy to install as a DIY project and will also help minimize outdoor noises.

The next toward managing bills and staying warm is installing a smart meter. According to Uswitch, just over 24 million UK households already benefit from these devices. If your home is not yet among them, it is time to look into upgrading. Smart metres help you understand better when you are using more energy than necessary. The results you see on the metre make it easier to adjust your habits or change the programming of your thermostat to keep bills in check.

If you do need to turn down your thermostat, there are several stylish and cost-effective ways to stay warm. Investing in a good quality sofa blanket or sofa duvet can help manage energy costs and add a new design element to your home.

Shoe & Boot Tidies

What does the entrance of your home look like? With several pairs of winter boots, it is easy for things to start looking untidy. Moreover, if wet, snowy boots are simply left to lie around they may not dry for days.

So, what is the solution? Consider installing a wooden boot & shoe tidy. These racks make for a simple but creative DIY project, and they will come in handy during the warmer months, too. Social media platforms like Pinterest offer plenty of inspiration if you are stuck for ideas.

Outside Space

Getting ready for autumn and winter is just as important for your outdoor spaces. Exposed pipework is often prone to causing problems once temperatures drop. Make sure your pipes and connections are wrapped so the water in them will not freeze and cause the pipework to burst.

With pipes prepared, think about inventorying your plants to determine which plant species are hardy enough to withstand low temperatures and snow and which need protection. Fragile plants may require wrapping, just like exposed pipes.

The beginning of autumn is also a good time for pruning shrubs and other plants. Cutting plants back now will prevent fresh growth from taking over your carefully landscaped garden in spring. If pruning and wrapping have made your outdoor space look a bit grey and dull, why not plant a few evergreens to lift the look of your home?

Caring for outside spaces also includes ensuring it is safe to walk as temperatures drop. Check your lawn for moss. Moss may not seem like much of a problem now, but too much of it may limit your lawn’s capacity to drain after heavy rainfall. The consequences could be flooding and slippery walkways. Removing moss now helps avoid those problems.

Neutrals and Natural Materials

When it comes to interior design ideas that warm up a room without breaking the bank, think about creating a feature wall or arch in your home. Painting multi-tones has a stunning effect and will both upgrade the look of your property and give it a homely, warm atmosphere.

The same is true for inexpensive furnishings. Pillows and throws in neutral or warm natural colours not only refresh the look of your living room but also add warmth on colder days. Which colours to choose depends on your existing interior design and how much of a difference you would like to make. Neutral colours and soft materials will blend in almost anywhere, whereas warm colours create more of a transformation.

The Importance of Pre-Planning

Preparing your home successfully for fall and winter is all about timing and pre-planning. Start making a list now and prioritize exterior projects.

Experts recommend finishing major exterior tasks before November as cold weather can cause some of your materials to work less efficiently. Remember to plan enough time for each project. Some DIY tasks may look like they can be finished in a few hours, but it is always worth giving yourself a bit of extra time, just in case.

Interior projects, on the other hand, can be completed even after the weather has turned colder. In fact, having a few DIY projects to complete is a great way of spending some of those shorter days. If you are still looking for inspiration for your kitchen, consider investing in an exquisite copper aluminium composite splashback. Easily installed, these splashbacks combine beautiful looks with a practical finish. They arrive cut to size according to your specifications, and they are easy to work with even if this is your first-ever DIY project. You can make installation even easier by purchasing your splashbacks together with our ready-made fixing kit.

Are you ready for autumn and winter? Take a look around your home now and start planning to be ready in time for the colder season. If you need expert advice, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help you stay warm and comfortable this winter.

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