Stylish Pastel Coloured Splashbacks

Pastels are a design trend that never goes out of fashion. They are a stylish and beautiful way of adding colour to any room of the home, without being overly brash. 

The pastel colour palette is perfect for updating and energising a tired kitchen, either through painting the walls or by replacing your old splashbacks for something fresh and welcoming. There are several ways that you can style your new pastel splashback. You could mix pale pastels with brightly coloured walls, or use them with patterns to add texture and interest. Perhaps mix and match with pastel toned appliances for a coordinated blend of complimenting colours.

Your overall look can be designed so that it is soft and soothing, calm and tranquil or cheerful and bright. Here are 4 of our favourite pastel coloured splashbacks, perfect for adding a stylish new look to your kitchen, with minimal fuss and effort. Each of these is available in acrylic or glass finishes so that you can choose which is the best for your kitchen.

Pastel Grey Acrylic Splashback

A grey splashback can be stylish and sleek, with a feeling of stability and dependability. If you lead a hectic lifestyle then this could be the calming pastel that leaves you mellow and feeling like you are on track with your life.

pastel coloured kitchen

Pastel Green Acrylic Splashback

This calming shade of pastel green will bring a touch of nature to your kitchen, in such a way that you will feel peaceful and recharged. It can symbolise a new beginning, which is perfect if you are giving your kitchen a whole new look.

pastel coloured kitchen

Pastel Blue Acrylic Splashback

Blue can bring tranquillity and relaxation to your kitchen. A dark blue can sometimes feel a little cold, but a lighter pastel blue offers serenity, peace and inspiration.

pastel coloured kitchen

Pastel Yellow Acrylic Splashback

A cheerful yellow can really brighten your mood, making you feel warm and energetic. This is great if you need a little get up and go as you make your morning cup of coffee!

pastel coloured kitchen

To find more information on Acrylic Splashbacks, Aluminium Composite Splashbacks and Glass Splashbacks visit our help guides. For any bathroom & kitchen splashback ideas, visit our inspiration page.

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