Updating your Bathroom with Splashbacks

Bathrooms are often a little tricky when it comes to decorating. Being such a small space you will need to make sure that the colour and the materials are absolutely right, as it will be harder to disguise if you make a fashion mistake.

The materials that you use will also need to be moisture proof, as this is the one room in the home where damp is most likely, through the constant use of showers and baths. An easy and inexpensive way of updating your bathroom is to use acrylic splashbacks in place of standard tiles.

How to Use Splashbacks in the Bathroom

  • You can choose to remove the old tiles first or if the surface is relatively flat, you can place your new splashbacks straight over the top.
  • Select a splashback that will suit the colour scheme of your bathroom, or create a new theme around the splashback that you have chosen.
  • You can use your new splashbacks around the bath and shower, as well as around the sink area behind your taps.
  • If your acrylic sheets have been cut to the correct size, it should be relatively easy to position them into place and to fix them. Try our Fixing Kit for an all-in-one way to position and hold your splashbacks in place.
  • If you need a new mirror in your bathroom and would prefer not use glass for cost or safety reasons, try a mirrored acrylic splashback instead.

Benefits of Using Splashbacks

  • Splashbacks are easier to clean than tiles, removing the time consuming task of having to protect your grout from discolouration. Acrylic does not stain with mould.
  • This is a modern way of updating your bathroom, without using old fashioned tiles. You can select plain splashbacks or ones with a glitter running through them, such a White Sparkle Acrylic Splashback for a stylish and unique touch.
  • Standard tiles would normally take hours of labour to complete, whereas using splashback panels is incredibly quick in comparison.
  • Coloured tiles can be very expensive, so choosing coloured splashbacks instead will mean that you can be more creative with your designs, without having to worry about the cost.
  • You won’t feel restricted when using splashbacks. Once you have completed the sink and shower areas, you can also fit them onto the main door and any cabinet doors to freshen them up and complete the look.

Updating your bathroom with splashbacks can be cost effective and time saving. It is less labour intensive, particularly if you fit the splashbacks over any existing tiles and will give you as many colour options as you need. They are also easy to clean and will not have mouldy grout that needs constant attention.

With as many positive points as these, you will never want to return to a standard tiled bathroom again.