Top 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Laundry or Utility Rooms

Many of us have that one room that always has a pile of unfolded laundry or generally full of chaos. In the past two years a satisfying trend for beautifying functional rooms within the house has been steadily building. It can cover anything from decluttering your storage space with stylish product containers to adding an integrated drying rack to create more space. All of these solutions have three aims; to make your life a little easier, increase your property value and to increase your enjoyment of tasks that, let’s be honest, no one really wants to do!

Time For An Upgrade…

Here’s our top 5 ways to upgrade your laundry or utility rooms without renovation.

1. Storage Solutions

Easy access storage that fits your lifestyle is the best way to ensure when you get busy, your room stays clutter free. If you have high shelves or cupboards, segmenting your products into different baskets keeps the mess out of sight but easy to find. Dirty laundry is always one of the biggest chaos creators. If you have cupboards in your utility, try hanging your laundry basket on hooks inside or place some hooks on the wall. Are you guilty of leaving your ironing board out for week after using it? Or do you simply struggle for room in a small space? If so, you can now get door hanging ironing boards that fold up small.

2. Drying Racks

If you don’t have a tumble dryer or if you are looking to save a little money with the cost of living increase, integrating a drying rack into your room design is a must. These can be in several forms, but our favourite is the Victorian Aira as it takes little to no heating costs. This operates on a simple pulley system from your ceiling, working best with high ceiling rooms. This system allows you to get drying clothes away from valuable floor space so it doesn’t take any unnecessary room if you have a small laundry room. You can pick up the fixtures you need to create your own Victorian Aira in Most DIY shops or buy the full kit on Amazon.

3. Easy Cleaning

Making your laundry room easy to clean begins with having wipe down surfaces. Try and avoid grouting with tiles on your walls and flooring as this harbours dirt. If you have countertops in your laundry room with a sink area, placing a splashback on the wall is a great way to protect your walls from stains. These offer a durable, easy clean, fit solutions that arrives cut-to-size. Shop our range of splashbacks below!

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4. Product Dispensers

A current key trend on social media showcases people restocking their laundry with general supplies including: detergent, scent refreshers or disinfectants. Although this offers a deeply satisfying superficial amusement, we think it stems from the need to utilise every corner of our homes during a time where we had no choice but to spend most of our time inside. Setting up your home with reusable containers can also be a great pathway to zero waste solutions for your laundry room. Simply take your containers to your local zero waste shop to fill up when needed.

5. Decorating

Within your laundry room we would suggest keeping your colour palette bright and neutral. Choose a colour you are not likely to get sick of seeing. Light beiges, blues greens create calm ambiences to encourage productivity. If you are wanting to take your space to a new level of luxury, use natural decor such as fresh scented flowers and simplistic prints. Remember, try not to over clutter this area with accessories as it can easily feel cramped.

Top Tip:

If you are currently renovating or designing your laundry room layout, ensuring that you have a central position where everything is at your fingertips will help the flow and efficiency of the space.

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