Simple Ways to Revamp your Home to Avoid Moving

The decision to move house is an important one and should not be taken lightly. It can be stressful, very expensive and there is always a risk that you will never find the property that you have been dreaming of. 

Consider renovating your existing house before making that commitment to putting it on the market. Looking at your current home with a different perspective can make all the difference, imagining what it could become if you put some time, energy and a little investment towards it.

revamp your home to avoid moving

What don’t you like about your current home?

This is a vital question. If you are thinking of moving because your home is not big enough, consider whether you could add an extension to create more space. This would cost far less money than buying a new house and all of the fees that it would incur. 

Think about the reasons for needing a different sized space. This could be because children have been born and you need more cabinet space, or older children may have moved out and you no longer need a large kitchen. In this instance you could consider creating a new kitchen design with a dining area or a relaxed sofa space, where family and guests can keep each other company whilst the designated cook is working their magic. If it is simply a case of the decor being dated and not to your personal taste, this can be easily fixed and should not be a reason for going through the stress of moving.

We sometimes need to accept that there are certain things that we will never be able to change about our home, such as if it is in an undesirable location. It is a shame if you love your house, but this is a hard decision that many of us have to make at some point. 

What are the benefits of remodelling your current home?

Aside from not having the stress or huge expense that moving house can bring, you also have the opportunity to model your current home into exactly what you desire. Having used the space for the previous months and years, you will know how the space could be better used if changes were made. Take the kitchen for example. Perhaps you feel that it is too small or badly organised, leaving you frustrated that it is not working to the best of its potential. Stripping the kitchen back to its core will allow you to see where space can be better utilised, perhaps by moving cabinets or appliances to more appropriate areas. If you have an old-fashioned walk-in larder, consider taking down the wall and opening it up to become part of the kitchen at large. 

How can I keep renovation costs down?

How can I keep renovation costs down?

If you can only afford to revamp just one room in the home, the kitchen would be a great option. Brightly coloured acrylic splashbacks will add a great focal point to the room, whilst acting as a protection for the walls around the cooker and worktop areas. These are easy to fit yourself, in a simple update that can invigorate the room and seem like a whole new kitchen for minimal effort.

revamp your home to avoid moving

If you are planning to change your kitchen in more ways that just the colour scheme, be sure to factor in the cost of plumbing and electrical changes that might need to be made. These alterations are best left to professionals, as you may end up spending more in the long-run if you attempt it yourself and need to call in an emergency utility team to fix it!

If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, think about upcycling them to make them seem brand new, with minimum cost and maximum impact. This type of DIY is more popular now that it has ever been, so you will be sure to find the materials you require in a wide range of stores or online. You can also upcycle tables and chairs, creating the look you desire, whilst having the satisfaction that you have achieved this all by yourself.  

Are there other ways I can refresh my home?

Sometimes having a really good declutter can make all the difference and make you realise that you don’t need to move. If you have children, you may find that you never have enough space to put all of their toys. Consider creating more storage space through toy boxes and underbed boxes. Have a regular sort out of toys and sell anything that they have grown out of online or at a car boot sale. If your garden has a good amount of space, perhaps invest in a watertight playhouse or gazebo area that can become their unofficial playroom. One day when they are grown up, you will be able to reclaim this as your own personal sanctuary! 

The correct colour scheme can also make all the difference, particularly if your home currently seems dark. Choosing lighter colours will lift the mood of the space and help to create more light, making the room more enjoyable to spend time in.

Have a good look around your home before you decide to sell. If you love the area and the house itself, there could be many ways of updating it to make more space and to help it seem new, in order that you don’t have to move unnecessarily. There is every chance that with some careful planning, you can create the home you have been waiting for. You can do this without costing the earth, whilst achieving some attractive features that you will love to admire for years to come.

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