How to remove scratches from acrylic

Acrylic – sometimes called plastic or perspex – is a hardwearing substance, but like anything, if coming against pressure, it can scratch. Don’t worry, all you need to do now is follow the below steps to easily remove scratches from acrylic. Firstly, you need to decipher whether the scratch is a light scratch or a deep scratch as these steps will follow different procedures on the scratch removal.

Remove light scratches from acrylic:

We stock Xerapol acrylic scratch remover polish which is ideal for use on all of our Acrylic splashbacks. A small amount will buff out imperfections in the surface of your acrylic sheet leaving you with a shine again.Click to buy Xerapol Larger and deeper scratches may be sanded out with a very fine sandpaper and buffed with a high quality polish, but we recommend that caution is taken. Please contact us should you need any advice with the maintenance of your acrylic sheet.

Remove deeper scratches from acrylic:

Follow our simple guide to getting the best possible measurements for the rounded areas of your kitchen, then upload them into your order when asked. From there we will be able to create a cardboard template or a technical drawing which you can then double check against the area of your kitchen and sign-off before we cut a single piece of acrylic. This really is a great way to save time and money on mistakes that can easily be avoided.

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