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Let’s Get Snapping…

We know how much time and effort goes into designing your home spaces, this is why we have created this guide on ‘how to take the best photo of your kitchen or bathroom’. We would love to see your projects from beginning to end, so feel welcome to send imagery to

Top 10 Photography Tips:

  1. Take your picture when it is light outside to ensure your lens has the most amount of natural light available. We suggest between 10 am – 3 pm.
  2. Try and wait for a sunny day. This can make a big difference to the clarity of your image.
  3. Add Plants… this can soften an image to make it look less like a showroom.
  4. Clear the decks. Having clutter-free worktops will capture a less chaotic final image, giving it a professional touch. Try to remove any appliances such as toasters, kettles and shampoo bottles.
  5. If you have stools or rugs make sure they are all in line.
  6. Take plenty of images, more is always better when it comes to image quantity. This allows you to go through and hand select all the best angles captured.
  7. It’s important to experiment and take lots of different angles when photographing your space. To achieve the angles used in magazines chest height is normally about right.
  8. Try to hold your camera or phone vertical with the floor so it is not tipping up or down. When you tilt the camera, vertical lines in your photo get distorted, which doesn’t look professional. Make sure you hold your phone or camera in landscape mode, as this will capture more of your kitchen.
  9. Take close-ups – Get creative and take shots at different angles and depths. A close up of a key focal point in your kitchen can be really effective!
  10. If you wish to share your images with us – To retain the best quality possible, make sure you attach your images as an actual file or share Via ‘We transfer’. This maintains the quality of your photograph and prevents it from going blurry.



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