How to quality check your Backsplash Samples

How do you determine a quality acrylic backsplash from an unreliable backsplash? Here at Custom Splashbacks, we have pressure tested and compared our products against our competitor’s to ensure that our design is the most economic and quality proven solution available. Read below to understand how our design process sets us apart from our competitors.

The Sandwich Process – Creating a quality Acrylic Backsplash/Splashback

While most of our competitors use a single layer of acrylic with either vinyl or just printed paint on the back; our design team have spent time developing and testing our specialist ‘Sandwich design’. The ‘Sandwich design’ encloses the printed colour in two sheets of acrylic which protects the highly pigmented colour. This process allows our splashbacks to adhere to your surface for a longer period of time without peeling off or separating. This process has been pressure tested alongside our competitor’s splashbacks which have proved our products to work in a more economic manner.

Please see comparative Backsplash/Splashback sample images below.

How to Check the quality of your Backsplash/Splashback

Tip 1: When you are gathering samples for your splashback, be sure to hold them to light to show whether they are opaque or translucent. If you can see shadows through the colour, this can dramatically affect the finish of your splashback. It could possibly result in your walls imperfections and or your adhesive showing through onto the colour, which is not what you want.

See Below for Comparison images.

Tip Two: A good test to see if your acrylic sample will stand the test of time is to observe the edges of your sample and see if it easily lifts away from the acrylic. To check this, gently test if you can scratch the colour or vinyl from the back of the sample. The chances are if it scratches easily…your splashback is more likely to get damaged in transit, installation and during its lifespan in its location. This is why our splashback specialists have enclosed the colour between two clear acrylic sheets with a thin layer of aluminium to prevent any transparency.

See below for reference image!

You can shop our exciting new acrylic Splashbacks HERE! If you are looking for something to sit behind a gas hob, we recommend pairing one of our glass splashbacks alongside the acrylic. Please note that we always recommend ordering samples of both materials.